Overwatch spawns a mysterious ARG teasing Sombra

The rumor, the danger, the threat, the horror.

Overwatch fans have been chasing clues this month in what appears to be a Blizzard-backed viral ARG revolving around Sombra, the character teased earlier this month.

The Overwatch forums played host to a big clue: the posting of the Spanish phrase “la que tiene la información; tiene el poder” (she who has information has power), which suggested the Sombra connection. The forum post devolves into an animated string of gibberish code, only it wasn’t gibberish at all: It was a cipher. Long story short, the cipher led players to a fake in-universe website and a tips email that auto-replies with more code.

Most recently, players have uncovered more clues — a countdown timer, a video of Reaper, skull imagery — that suggest Sombra is close.

Gotta say, this is one of the more interesting things Blizzard’s done lately, and all without a hint of hoopla — after all, that would have spoiled the fun. Have any of you been participating?

Source: Polygon, VG247

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