See Crowfall’s mighty Myrmidon in action

See Crowfall’s mighty Myrmidon in action

The current star pupil of Crowfall’s development is the Myrmidon, a minotaur who does not play nice on the battlefield. According to the devs, this archetype charges much like a bull, picking up enemies while he does so and then tossing them up in the air when he comes to a stop.

As you might expect, the Myrmidon is a fearsome fighter, swiping with twin axes at his foes. He has many powerful attacks and even can trigger a combo if players time things right.

But enough reading about this class — how about seeing him in action? The Crowfall team put up a narrated gameplay video showing the Myrmidon charging onto the battlefield and causing all sorts of havoc. So see the Myrmidon slice and dice after the break and let us know what you think in the comments!

Source: Crowfall

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