Warframe offers Nekros Prime access to players

Still looks like a crowd of concert fans, though.
How would you rank your abilities as a harbinger of death and destruction? That’s sort of the whole point of Warframe’s Nekros Prime, you see. Then again, perhaps you’d practice your skills at being a harbinger if you had more opportunities to harbinge. So it’s probably a good thing that you can pick up Prime Access to jump into Nekros Prime right now if you’re so inclined.

Nekros Prime Access gives players access to Nekros Prime, Tigris Prime, and Galantine Prime, all of which serve as well-oiled machines of death. You also get some new accessories and armor, Nekros Prime customizations for your avatar, and discounted platinum rates. Check out a trailer for Nekros Prime just below.

Source: Official Site; thanks to ThatLanteshGuy for the tip!
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