Be a killer clown in Battle Carnival


If you’ve had dreams of being a killer clown, the upcoming Battle Carnival was made with you in mind. Conversely, if your dream instead has been to blast a killer clown in the face, this shooter has you covered there, too. However, to do either, you’d need to be in Russia;┬áKorean developer Zepetto is taking this new battleground to Russia and has given no word on a western or a local Korean release.

Battle Carnival currently boasts 11 different characters players can select from (including said clown) to fight in seven game modes over 26 different maps. Alpha testing is scheduled to begin next month.

If the news that you cannot partake in the killing of clowns has crushed your heart, you can reminisce on what might have been and try to find solace in the antics of the various characters in the two official trailers below.

Source: MMOCulture

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