Black Desert plans to roll out all Awakenings by the end of the year

Swing like you mean it.

Whatever your choice of class in Black Desert, you have an Awakening waiting. The game’s native Korean version has been steadily rolling out Awakening options for each class, while the NA/EU version of the game had planned to start rolling the Awakenings out at the end of the year. Instead, they’re landing soon. The first Awakening is landing on August 31st for the Warrior, with subsequent updates coming in two-week intervals.

The hope is that the two-week period will allows balance issues to be addressed while keeping up a steady clip, with all Awakenings hopefully released by the end of the year. Players can also look forward to the next part of the Valencia update coupled with the start of the Awakening patches, giving lots of new content to experience. The current goal is to bring the NA/EU game up-to-date with the Korean version by the end of the year, so players should get ready for a wild ride full of updates and expansion.


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