Revelation Online introduces the Vanguard

SUVs are right out.
If your preferred method of transportation is the noble van rather than the selfish SUV or the sneaky car, Revelation Online‘s new Vanguard will keep it safe. Its class abilities are… wait, we’re reading this wrong. It’s not a guard of vans; it’s the name “vanguard” as a reference to the leading part of military formations. That’s very different. Although the Vanguard probably could keep your van safe just the same, what with enormous armor and an unshakeable resolve.

Vanguards serve as the definitive tanks of the game; they’re quite heavily armored, difficult to shake, and positively chock-full of defensive cooldowns. Of course, that means they’re lacking somewhat in the “offense” department, but nobody’s perfect. You can check out the class in action in the video just below; it you like what you see, the class is supposed to be quite easy to learn, according to the official site.