RIFT buffs up the Saboteur soul

No, this is not Star Trek: Beyond.
The Saboteur in RIFT is all about, well, sabotage. It’s a specialty based around bombs blowing things the heck up. The latest patch to the game makes the soul that much more potent, adding in several refinements and buffs to really drive home the Saboteur’s talents for destruction. After all, if explosions aren’t the right answer, that probably just means you’re asking the wrong questions.

Saboteurs will now have a selection of three different sorts of sticky bombs for nearly every situation in which you could need a bomb adhering to someone or something before it explodes. The Cloud Maker also serves as a mega-explosive device to detonate large groups of enemies. For the rare occasions when destructive explosions are not called for, you can make use of the Stun Grenade, and you can also turn the whole concept of explosions around by tossing out an implosion device to draw all of your targets together. You can log in now to start having a blast.

If, on the other hand, you’ve never even played the game, our own Justin has a few words on what makes it compelling.