Shroud of the Avatar’s Release 33 marks a game ‘in a constant state of change’


Even with the persistent world launched, Shroud of the Avatar is currently “in a constant state of change,” according to the team. Some of this change comes courtesy of today’s Release 33, which continues to make sweeping adjustments even as players are getting settled into their new homes.

While you can read the patch notes to get all of the details, the important changes with Release 33 involves polish to the new player experience and various story areas, performance optimization, and towns such as Port Graff and Estgard being “uncloned” and given their own identities. Some expected features, such as expansions to the food and crafting system, have been delayed to a future patch.

All current backers will receive a “Portable Aether Vibration Amplifier” headset that will allow them to tune into community radio stations.

Shroud of the Avatar crossed over the $10 million crowdfunding threshold earlier this week.


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