Bless starts selling Russian founder packs


While we still wait here in the west for Bless Online to make the leap to Europe and North America, we do know that the title is coming very soon for Russian players.

Neowiz has started to sell Russian founder packs, which might give an indication of what other regions are in for when the game arrives there. These packs include access to the beta, a head start to the live game, mounts, various consumables, premium currency, and more.

Bless’ arrival in the west was “delayed slightly” due to the recent merger between Aeria and Gamigo. The studio assures fans that it is coming, however: “The important thing though is that we have a strong team and enough resources to bring Bless to the western market.”

Whether or not you can read Cyrillic, chances are you can get the gist of a pair of new Russian trailers for Bless Online. Check them out below and let us know what you think!

Source: Bless Online. Thanks Kinya!

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