Crowfall introduces the Duelist and the Guinecean race

But no ladies.

Do you consider “play a swashbuckling guinea pig” to be one of your most cherished video game goals? Your absurdly specific dream is coming true in Crowfall with the Duelist, an archetype of the Guinecean race (the name rhymes with “Phoenician”). It’s a fast, darting melee class that seeks to be a small rodent-person stabbing people without being too cartoonish, which sounds like a tall order for the art team.

Duelists make use of both ranged and melee attacks, with no specific power combos and the option to enter into a special “burrow mode” as one of its central mechanics. Players will have a wide variety of customization options available for the race at launch, although gender is not currently one of them. Check out the full design and concepts on the official site.

Source: Official Site. Thanks, Tom!
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