Revelation Online opens up founder’s packs for sale

Sneak and stab.
If it’s a free-to-play game coming out in the near future and it’s got a beta schedule, you probably know enough to expect a founder’s pack by now. Revelation Online is not blazing any new trails in this department, offering three different founder’s packs for players to purchase for definite access to the closed beta and a headstart to the open beta. Fortunately for the frugal player who also cannot live without getting into the test phase, the cheapest of these options will set you back just $18 and also comes with a special title and outfit.

But if you like buying special stuff, why not stop there? You could drop $60 and get a starter pack, special scrolls, a mount, and wings. Or you could drop $90 to also get a second new outfit and a flying cat mount that seats five people. Yes, really. Each pack includes everything from the ranks below, but you can upgrade from a lower-tier pack to a higher-tier pack, with the cost adjusted for what you already own accordingly.

Source: Official Site; thanks to Kinya for the tip!

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