Star Citizen 2.5 alpha is live with GrimHex base, new concept ship


Star Citizen’s alpha 2.5 has officially released to live.

Star Citizen Alpha 2.5 includes significant changes to Star Citizen’s Crusader persistent universe environment,” declares Cloud Imperium. “This patch, now available in your Star Citizen launcher, introduces the detailed Grim HEX pirate base, which is a major addition to the game world and an important part of our evolving faction system. Three ships have been added to flight-ready status, the Reliant KORE and two variants of the ARGO MPUV short-range transport.”

In addition to the faction- and exploration-rich GrimHEX outlaw base, the patch notes include the new landing mode and the ongoing item system rollout.

Around the Verse this week stars members of the Frankfurt office and goes in-depth on the quest givers and navigation meshing in the game, putting a capstone on the Gamescom festivities. That’s below too. We’ve also tucked the trailer for the MISC Reliant Kore and screenshots for the Argo MPUV concept sale below. Have at it!

Source: Around the Verse, Imperial News Network, patch announcement. Thanks to fastcart and Donald!

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