TERA is offering players pigs who do in fact fly

Well, this was a little on the nose, wasn't it?
You know all of those crazy things you said you’d do when pigs fly? Well, that’s a thing that’s happening. TERA has added a set of flying pig mounts to the game’s store. You can log into the game, stand in place, and watch as pigs really do fly right in front of you. Now you’ll have to deal with the crushing reality of promises you never actually intended to keep.

Players who want to be roaming reminders of the unthinkable coming to pass can purchase one of the four pigs directly or a box containing a random selection of hog. There’s also a loot box which contains an even more powerful version of the existing mounts that restores your health and mana as you fly if you can’t get enough of those flying pigs. Meanwhile, the game’s Korean version is getting a new 30-person raid encounter, which may or may not be something you expected to happen concurrent with porcine aviation.

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