EVE Online covers the upcoming Command Burst mechanics


There’s more to winning fights in EVE Online than just showing up with the biggest guns. Well-deployed guns make a big difference, as does coordination, as do logistics, and so on. Theoretically, support ships should be in the same category, but a new development post explains that support and the Warfare Link system wasn’t providing enough of an impact and enough interesting play. Thus, the team is cycling in the new Command Burst system, allowing players to receive buffs and improvements from boosting ships.

Command Bursts are new high-slot modules that can fit on ships which currently fit Warfare Links, replacing the old system altogether. Ammo will be required but should be easily made and available for players to use and swap as necessary. Once used, a Command Burst itself will function like a smart bomb, but rather than damaging enemy ships, it provides a wide-area buff to all allied ships. Check out a visual preview below and read up on the official site for a first look at the relevant numbers.