Final Fantasy XIV’s patch 3.4 arrives on September 27th

I have to chop SO MUCH right now.
The third anniversary of Final Fantasy XIV‘s relaunch hit over the weekend, and the game’s development team took the opportunity to celebrate… by talking about what’s coming next for the game, of course. Patch 3.4 is currently scheduled to land on the live servers on September 27th, continuing the main scenario storyline with the Warriors of Darkness after the events of patch 3.3. And, of course, there are new dungeons, new game mechanics, and new items to go along with all of that.

Players will explore both the Ixal homeland of Xelphatol and the Hard mode of the Great Gubal Library, delve into the final section of Alexander, and explore more of the lore surrounding the Scholisticate and Hildibrand questlines. There are also new mechanics on the way, like the Squadron system for Grand Companies, the new apartment-style housing, and new Allagan tomestones. Check out the quick summary for an overview of what’s coming in September.


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