Check out the picture of Lost Ark’s beta endgame


    What are you going to do once you hit the level cap in Lost Ark? Sure, get gear and do stuff, but what gear are you going to get? Where are you going to get it? Are you sure that gear is a good idea? What’s the easiest way to get all of that gear? Fortunately, Steparu has run through a good chunk of the game’s current endgame offerings in the first closed beta, and as a result you can get an idea of what the gearing process looks like.

    Or at least what it looks like when you barely speak Korean and the game is not yet localized. There may be nuances here that are as of yet undiscovered.

    Players have a variety of options for improving equipment, including field bosses, solo climbs up the Tower of Infinity, and slow but rewarding cinematic dungeons. It’s a whole lot of options with a wide variety of rewards and none of the usual slow “enchanting” endgame systems that are frequently found in Korean titles; check out the full rundown if you’re curious about how the endgame develops.

    Source: Steparu

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