Ingress teams battle to a tie in Via Lux


The first day of a major Ingress player event resulted in a tie for both sides, with each claiming partial victory over the worldwide battlefield.

The 7-7 tie in the initial round of Via Lux demonstrated the fierce rivalry between the teams: “The Resistance fought fiercely and emerged victorious at the first three Anomalies in Europe, successfully countering the highly organized Enlightened ground tactics. In the Americas, the situation was flipped — the Enlightened held the top of the hill and gave no quarter to their Resistance counterparts. Both Factions threw their best at each other, and it showed.”

Via Lux will return for a second round in September. Meanwhile, both teams have to contend with the prospect of bringing back ADA. It looks like it will happen sooner or later. The only question is when?

Source: Ingress #1, #2, #3. Thanks Nordavind!

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