Someone is already 110 in WoW Legion, plus faction roadblocks for old Druids


If you were a Druid eagerly looking forward to World of Warcraft: Legion who also had a particularly odd set of pre-expansion decisions, you found yourself in a bit of a pickle when the game launched. You see, part of the Druid artifact line requires speaking with Hamuul Runetotem… who will not speak to you if you’re Hated by the Cenarion Circle.

Please note, of course, that in order for this to happen you have to be playing a Druid and make a concentrated effort to lower your reputation to Hated, something that’s both immensely time-consuming and entirely pointless, as no quests or other factions tie into this decision. Blizzard decided to have the Cenarion Circle make peace with everyone, but still, it was a brief window of unwinnable by insanity.

Of course, someone has already hit level 110 within five and a half hours of launch, so perhaps there’s something to be said for having a reason to take a little extra time.

Source: Official Forums, Eurogamer; thanks to DirtyKlingon for the tip!

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