Crowfall answers more questions on building in your Eternal Kingdom


Player housing? Pah. That’s thinking small. Now Crowfall, Crowfall is working on delivering its players the keys to citadels, castles, and palaces. It’s a big project that’s just a small part of the so-called Eternal Kingdoms, and the devs have a few more answers for fans about the ins and outs of working on these pocket regions.

There sounds like there will be a lot of options concerning how players set up their kingdom, from allowing PvP and building damage to creating these areas jointly with friends or guilds.

“You can work with friends and guildmates, pooling your resources to build an EK together,” ArtCraft said. “Your parcels and buildings will still belong to you; if you choose to move them to another EK later you’ll be able to do so.”

Check out some of the concept art and models of the grand strongholds for Eternal Kingdoms below.

Source: Crowfall
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