Guild Wars 2 lore introduces new Asuran protagonist and her pink moa

ArenaNet has a Guild Wars 2 lore piece out today that was crowdsourced, in a way, by gamers like you. Narrative Director Leah Hoyer and Narrative Designer Ross Beeley put together the lead character for a new lore series using input from a panel audience at MomoCon, and now that character, Vikki, accompanied by her adorable pink moa (because this bespectackled Asuran gal isn’t going with some predictable pet like a golem), is starring in her own grand adventure.

And you know, normally when I pull a lore story out of our newsroom to write up, I’m all set to roll my eyes and crack a few jokes — here it’d be something something bookah, something something gnomes — but then I read this first part of the story, and it’s actually good. I actually want to know what happens next, and I’m rooting for poor Momo. There’s a reason these people are narrative designers, after all. Dive in.


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