The Daily Grind: Do you play MMORPGs as a single main character or as a stable?


Long ago, I used to be a two-character kind of MMORPG player. I had a main, and then later I’d make a chief alt, and I rarely bothered to level anything else seriously except as needed for roleplaying or whatnot. But as MMOs have developed to require less time to cap and better support account-wide bonuses, I’ve expanded my horizons right along with them. For example, starting in classic Guild Wars, I began thinking of my gameplay in terms of working on my whole account — and that’s a result of shared unlocks and storage. I’ve realized I do this in World of Warcraft and Guild Wars 2, as well, specifically because of account-wide achievements and benefits. I usually have a main character, but she’s merely the leader of the whole group of characters I play on — because I no longer feel forced to choose “the one” to receive all the perks.

How about you? Do you play MMORPGs as a single main character or as a stable?

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