Wild Terra adds blacksmithing and more metal items


Did you dig up a whole lot of metal when Wild Terra introduced mining with no thought to what you’d do with it? We know you did. “Hiram, my boy, one day this will all be worth it,” you said as you mined out another chunk of tin, turning to your son as you mopped the sweat from your brow. Of course, in reality you were sweating because you had a sun lamp pointed at your face and your “son” was a Barbie doll with a name tag, but it’s all fine, because the introduction of blacksmithing makes all of that metal worthwhile. Now you can turn it into things!

Not children, however.

In addition to the assortment of metal items made by blacksmiths, items with decreasing durability can now be repaired by crafters. The process is much like making the item, but you don’t need to know how to craft something just to repair it, with the quantity of materials varying based on how badly the item in question has deteriorated. So you can now enjoy the fruits of your earlier mining-based labors.


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