Happy birthday, Champions Online

Champions Online turns seven years old today — seven! And naturally, PWE and Cryptic have big plans for the whole month.

The team also has another preview of the Shadow of Destruction update up on the site; it’s a new endgame zone, Qliphothic Warzone, which began testing earlier this month and includes a large 20-man open mission.

“To access the Shadow Citadel, you must first disrupt the flow of fear feeding the Eidolon. To do this you must disrupt the three other Battlefronts: Portal Breaker, Worm Wrecker, and Assault the Battery. When this occurs, there will be a window when the Shadow Gate is open and the Eidolon of Destruction can be attacked. Shadowfall is an open mission for 20+ players. Players must complete the Portal Breaker, Worm Wrecker, and Assault the Battery open missions within the same time window to open access to Shadowfall.”

Happy birthday, Champs!

Source: Official site, Shadow of Destruction. Thanks, Anon!