Neverwinter brings a live stage experience to consoles with Portobello’s Campaign

I can't say it would be worse, exactly.
The new event for Neverwinter┬áconsole players is just a little bit recursive. When you log into the game, you’re taking part in a roleplaying game set in the world of a tabletop game. Portobello’s Campaign, is more or less sending you on a tabletop campaign within the game that is based on a tabletop game. It’s sure to appeal to anyone who enjoys recursion in console gaming, or just some old-fashioned campaign romps.

Portobello’s Campaign is based off of a live PAX Prime show from years past, allowing PC players to queue up for a multitude of different content with a humorous bent. And now it’s a new addition to the game’s console version and includes the ability to track your progress across the various event maps as you go. There’s even a trailer for it just below if you need more convincing.