The Secret World’s Gilded Rage event inspires rage

The Secret World’s Gilded Rage event inspires rage

Right in the midst of the Doomboard Challenge, The Secret World players have another event: Gilded Rage has returned for one week. But doubling up events isn’t what has some players peeved. Somehow, the giant golden golem mission is set on a two-hour cool-down timer like the anniversary ones, which means players can kill only one golem every two hours for the reward bag. That makes trying to collect the items or generate AP pretty difficult, let alone finding enough people off cool down to actually engage the bosses. Also, just as in the anniversary event, the loot bags have participation tiers.

Funcom has admitted it was a mistake but will not be fixing the event this time around. If the event won’t be fixed and extended now, players are requesting that the event be run again quickly, perhaps right after the Doomboard Challenge ends. Gilded Rage — with its golden golems, discounted golden outfits, double AP, High Roller’s Valise loot bags, and new unicorn mount store item — runs through September 7th.

Source: TSW official site and forums, thanks to elenie and Crow for the tip!

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