Twin Saga enters open beta today with Dragonknights, level cap of 65

I'm sorry this is the only long-form article you're likely to get, Twin Saga.

Aeria’s Twin Saga MMORPG enters open beta in the west as of today. The company says that closed beta saw 700,000 logins and 250,000 of player testing, but the open beta will be a bit different.

“Starting with the Open Beta, players will be able to play the new Dragonknight class: warriors forged from the draconic powers of flame, light, and wind who bear the fearsome strength and combat prowess of their namesakes. In addition to the new class, players can take advantage of a higher level cap — now set at 65 — and a number of new dungeons to explore. […] Adventurers can choose from ten powerful classes — with the freedom to switch classes without changing characters—and can deal devastating damage with amazing combos and spectacular Ultimate Moves.”

One of the game’s claims to fame is the Terracottage system, which grants players a mobile house on the back of a turtle. Massively OP’s Justin Olivetti got the scoop on the housing system back in June.

There are founders packs for folks who want a jumpstart, but the game is F2P otherwise.
There’s a new trailer too!

Source: Press release, beta signups

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