World of Warcraft previews the max-level zone of Suramar

Everything is not the same.

Four out of the five big new zones in Legion can be entered at any level and will scale up or down appropriately. But World of Warcraft players who wish to enter Suramar will need to be level 110 before they set foot within the region, and there’s a fair bit of story going along with that entrance. If you’ve wondered what elves trapped inside of a bubble of culture for 10,000 years will look like, you’ll have to do some leveling first… or you can take a peek at the zone preview.

The centerpiece of the zone is the massive city at the heart of it, but players will also experience bits and pieces of individual zone stories that have bled across the lines into this region. At its core, though, the zone centers around staving off the corruption that inevitably descends upon Nightborne elves when removed from the Nightwell, a process that can only be slowed, not stopped. You’ll get plenty of time to see Suramar when you hit the level cap, but it doesn’t hurt to take a tour ahead of time.

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