Here’s how Skyforge’s Ascension is rewriting character development


Skyforge’s Ascension expansion isn’t just another content drop — it’s virtual rewrite of the way characters are built and played in a way that is distinctly casual-friendly. Today’s team dev blog explains how the character development system is being redesigned to reduce unnecessary complexity and reduce build screw-ups, from merging Ascension Atlas stats to replacing Sparks and Spark Replicators. Even class unlocking is different now: Players will have to travel to its temple first.

“The unlocked class has a limited amount of predefined starter skills, which still allow you to go into battle. To obtain new abilities, you must complete the quests issued in the class temple. Usually, they will be linked to defeating enemies with that specific class. Characters can only have a quest from one class temple active at a time but as soon as it has been completed, a new one can be started either in the same temple or in any other that is available to you. As the class temple is developed, you will get access to new Talents and Skills. First you will develop the class by exploring basic skills, which will be active amid any selected set, the latest of which is the Ultimate ability.”

If you’re a former Skyforge player tempted by the changes, definitely give the whole piece a read!


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