Marvel Heroes super jumps over to South Korea


Marvel Heroes has gone live today… in South Korea.

Gazillion announced this morning that it’s teamed up with Taiwanese cloud-gaming tech firm Ubitus, Inc. for the launch in a partnership that it says “marks the beginning of the initiative to fully localize the popular massively multiplayer online action-RPG across Asian territories.” Before you wonder, yes — it is a very good idea, given how well modern superhero movie exports do in the Chinese and Korean markets. Gazillion is clearly well aware; CEO David Dohrmann gets the money quote:

“As Marvel characters continue to gain popularity in Asia thanks to Marvel’s own efforts, millions of new fans are craving great games to play starring iconic characters like Captain America, Iron Man, Spider-Man and Deadpool. Gazillion and Ubitus are excitedly there to answer that need with Marvel Heroes 2016, which itself only continues to improve as time goes on. South Korean gamers and Marvel fans are in for a real treat, and we can’t wait to expand the audience even further as we launch the game in other Asian territories in the months to come.”

Most recently over on this side of the Pacific, the MMOARPG introduced a new playable toon and rolled out dynamic level scaling.

Source: Press release

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