Shroud of the Avatar refines Release 33, works on stability


Shroud of the Avatar’s last content update, Release 33, came out last week, but the team hasn’t been satisfied with a one-and-done approach to the patch. Since August 25th, the build has experienced five additional updates, each with a huge number of fixes, adjustments, and clarifications. If you’re playing, you might want to stay on top of the tide of patch notes that have been posted on the site.

The devs continue to inform players that the game isn’t quite as stable as they would like: “The latest version of Unity we are using has introduced significant stability issues along with memory leaks. We are working with Unity to resolve these as quickly as we can.”

Also, be aware — and beware — that those giant scaly reptiles can now pursue your farther: “Dragons now have a longer leash distance!”


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