The Exiled puts forth its plans for dealing with feedback

Wow, this open-pvp gankbox has a dearth of players? This is my shocked face.

The last few weeks for The Exiled (the game formerly known as Das Tal) have provided the developers with a lot of feedback. Plenty of feedback, even. Enough feedback that everyone involved with the game has a much clearer picture of where to go and what to do from here. Really, it’s all addressed in the most recent post on the official site, detailing the improvements to be made with the game. First priority? Collision, login queues, and server lag. Yes, those issues might seem mundane, but it’s hard to find many positive things about games you can’t play, yes?

Beyond that, the developers want to make sure that there are more dynamic events spawning and more content options for players who are running solo, since the former is the main reason for players to explore and the latter is important to avoid forcing everyone into specific factions. Several other minor issues are also on the slate to be addressed, piece by piece. There’s a lot more development to be done on the game, but it certainly looks at a glance to be heading in a promising direction based on feedback.

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