RuneScape: Idle Adventures launches on Steam early access


Announced back in February and originally planned to debut last spring, RuneScape: Idle Adventures has finally landed in Steam early access for PC players. It’s got “RuneScape” in the name, but be aware that it’s not really an MMO — it’s an “idle game” set in the MMO world and attempting to feel like an epic MMO adventure, just in a few minutes a day.

“Developed with Hyper Hippo’s trademark charm, players create and take on the role of a curious, blue-skinned immortal of mysterious origins, who explores the iconic world of RuneScape in a brand new adventure. Players will discover the power of a new Elder Artefact as they battle monsters, challenge the gods, and grow cabbages for local farmers – all possible while waiting for other games to install, movies to stream, or cooking those cabbages. Progress is made even when Idle Adventures isn’t being played, so even the toughest quest can be completed with time.”

A “full, multi-platform launch” is expected later this year; it’s free-to-play with microtransactions on Steam. For more insight on what Jagex and Hyper Hippo are up to with the title, check out our interview from the announcement, then click through the trailer below.

Source: Press release, Steam
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