The Daily Grind: What class from a non-MMO do you want to see in an MMORPG?


Last week, I was chatting with my husband about SMITE and Overwatch, and I joked that I reaaaaaallly needed to stay away from both of them because I’d probably blow a ton of money on skins and then not actually play. I’ve caught myself looking over his shoulder more than once at characters in these games and wishing they were playable in a format that wasn’t just an instanced PvP arena — wishing they were playable in a more permanent MMORPG.

Overwatch’s Lucio is epic — imagine an EverQuest bard infused with modern sensibilities, and you’ve got him. I don’t know of an MMORPG bard exactly like him, not in a game I play anyway.

SMITE, too, is loaded with epic skins and character concepts. Susano is the toon whose release made me want to buy him, even though I don’t play SMITE. Storm-themed battlemages are not really very common in MMORPGs.

How about you? What class or character concept from a non-MMO do you want to see in an MMORPG?

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