Community manager: Turbine plans to bring Ravenloft to Dungeons & Dragons Online


There are a whole lot of different settings that have been explored over time in the tabletop version of Dungeons & Dragons, but Dungeons & Dragons Online has had a pretty limited number of different settings. Still, if the high fantasy of Forgotten Realms and the high fantasy with a slight twist of Eberron aren’t your speed, perhaps you’d like something a bit more horrific? The gothic horror of Ravenloft, perhaps? Because according to a recent interview with community manager Cordovan, it’s a matter of when that’s arriving, not if.

The most recent edition of the DDO Players Podcast includes discussion with Cordovan, during which he mentions Ravenloft repeatedly and discusses Turbine’s interest in bringing in the dread plane for adventuring purposes. You can check out the full episode just below, and perhaps you’ll want to stock up on your favorite vampire-stalking gear ahead of time. You know, just to be safe.

Source: DDO Players; thanks to Weldon for the tip!

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