Firefall’s status remains in limbo

What am I today.

Even if you don’t play Firefall, you know that last week was a bit weird for the game when the game itself and its website went completely offline without warning or explanation… then just as unexpectedly came back online. Weird, but that’s all right. What you probably don’t know if you don’t play the game is that this is apparently now just a thing that’s continuing to happen. The servers and website went down without warning twice more last week, coming back online as mysteriously as they had gone down.

Not only has there been no official word on these outages, the community as a whole has begun to accept them as more or less the de facto state of affairs, which is at once accurate and somewhat horrifying. There’s still been no official word on the outages (aside from a brief exchange a week ago), although whether that’s a matter of staff changes or if the outages were genuinely unplanned is not clear. Regardless, it’s not a fun time to be a Firefall player, especially since it seems like the game’s final shutdown notice at this point may just be another unexpected outage that never reverses.

Source: Reddit. Thanks to Corey and C2A.JewelThief.

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