PAX West: West of Loathing makes a punny western with surprising depth


If you’ve ever taken the time to sit down with the long-running Kingdom of Loathing, you know well that the developers of that game love silly puns, wordplay, crude (yet charming) doodle drawings, and a world full of goofy twists on RPG tropes. The popularity and profitability of that game has helped to build a spin-off called West of Loathing, which should be coming out in early 2017 for PC and mobile devices.

As its name implies, West of Loathing takes players into the western genre of the Kingdom of Loathing universe. While it won’t be a multiplayer game, it will tie into KoL’s lore while also providing a more full-fledged RPG experience with all of the franchise’s jokes and design.

Curious about West of Loathing? Check out a short interview from PAX West with the game’s creator after the break!

Source: PC Gamer
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