LOTRO patches in server transfers from the launcher

If you’ve been waiting to transfer your Lord of the Rings Online characters to another server, today’s patch makes it easier than ever. When the servers return from maintenance today, you’ll be able to transfer toons straight from the launcher itself using Turbine points, something previously reserved only for free transfers from closing worlds.

“Players can now transfer characters from one game world to another through the LOTRO game launcher. In the world selection window, you will see the ‘Transfer’ button. Click on that and you will see all the worlds and the characters you have on each. You can choose to move just one character, all characters, shared items, or no shared items to a target world of your choosing.”

Don’t forget that there are special rules for shared items, houses, and kinships too. Those of you not moving might want to log in your old characters to secure your names; transferring characters will be able to yoink the names of characters that haven’t been active in the last year.

If you’re making that journey, which server are you landing on?

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