Retro-MMO Mirage Realms starts Android testing


Android users, we’ve got a new title for you to check out this week: Mirage Realms. This is a small but ambitious project to turn a retro-style RPG into a full-blown MMO for both Android devices and desktop computers.

The game recently went into open alpha on Google Play, and while it is obviously far from being finished, players can check out three classes (Knight, Mage, and Ranger) and get in on some of the combat and puzzle-solving action.

Mirage Realms’ sole developer said that this title is a mash-up of some of his favorite games: “If you can imagine [The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past] combined with World of Warcraft and Harvest Moon, you at home playing on your PC with your best friend (who is running dungeons with you) playing on his phone on the train to London, you are halfway there to understanding where we want to be.”

Source: Mirage RealmsGoogle Play. Thanks Dalton!