Skyforge streamlines the Order system with its next patch

I will worship.

Players in Skyforge are deities. That’s sort of the entire premise behind the game. Of course, one of the usual benefits of being a deity is that you don’t have to sit around and spend all day sorting out holy texts, chapels, temples, and monastical orders; that’s usually what mortals are for. Players have long fussed about with all of these resources and similar mechanics as part of the Order system, but the game’s next update greatly simplifies and streamlines the system to make the process of acquiring Faith and Credits much more straightforward.

At the core of the new system are Journeys, sending your Adepts off in search of resources, items, and new followers. These Journeys allow you to recruit more followers along the way while also providing Faith and Credits, with each Adept having a limited amount of strength to take these lengthy sojourns for the faith. It does mean that you’ll have a bit less fine control over the worship centered around your player character, but it also means more time spent being a godlike force instead of just insisting that you need more temples.


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