Smed plans Indiegogo, Twitch stream for pixel-art OARPG Hero’s Song


Back in January, former SOE/Daybreak boss John Smedley revealed the details of his new company, Pixelmage Games, and its first title, a PvE-focused, sandboxy, pixel-art, open-world OARPG called Hero’s Song. But when the Kickstarter didn’t start the world on fire, Smed pulled it, saying they’d be back with a better plan and more work under their belts.

Apparently, that day is today. Smed sent out a flurry of tweets last night teasing a gameplay demo today and telling fans the game will be preorderable through his brand-new Indiegogo campaign.

“Going to be showing a 5 minute gameplay trailer tomorrow on @cohhCarnage show on Twitch at 10:30am Pacific along with @PatrickRothfuss. You can also expect us to start an Indiegogo campaign where you can preorder Hero’s Song. I literally can’t wait to show you all the game after going dark for a while. Super excited.”

He also discussed pricing; the $15 price point that was a popular Kickstarter pledge tier is returning.

“Our lowest tier where you can get into the full game (including late Alpha) is $15 which I think is pretty fair for a $20 game. After looking at what we have now it’s obvious the kickstarter was way too early and not remotely good enough. Now we’ve got the goods! please note – we decided not to have any tiers above $500 – honestly anything above that is just us charging too much IMO.”

The game was originally planned for launch this October; we don’t know whether that date has shifted. Stay tuned for more when we talk to Smed later this week, and check out the stream when it’s live today at 1:30 p.m.

Source: Smed’s twitter, Indiegogo. Cheers, Jim.

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