EverQuest II sells more Legends of Norrath lockboxes


There’s nothing to honor the passing of a beloved game than to turn its memory into a lockbox bonanza.

At least that’s the thinking of EverQuest II, which is selling yet another round of Legends of Norrath “packs” for 299 DBC apiece. These lockboxes give players a chance to win some of the rewards that previously could be won from the┬áDebt of the Ratonga, Drakkinshard, Inquisitor, and Priestess of the Anarchs sets. You know, back when the game was running prior to its shutdown last month.

When Daybreak made the announcement of Legends of Norrath’s closure, it hinted at the lockbox wave to come: “We know some of you are extremely enthusiastic about some of the items that were previously introduced in the Legends of Norrath TCG packs. These loot rewards will continue to be available to players through other means. Look to the marketplace for packs which give an opportunity for rewards from previous LoN sets.”

The first season of lockbox packs was sold in June.

Source: EverQuest II
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