Smed: Hero’s Song will launch early access with 15 classes


Pixelmage Games’ John Smedley has posted an update for Indiegogo backers and would-be backers for his MMOARPG, Hero’s Song.

“As I write this we’re sitting at $34k and we’re doing great towards our goal of $200k,” he says. “We’re working 7 days a week now to get the game into great shape so we can all play it together in November. If you back the game, you get to come in even earlier into our Alpha 3 in late October.”

The former Daybreak boss also told gamers that Pixelmage aims to launch for Mac alongside PC, with at least 15 classes (21 for the formal March launch) and 200 simultaneous users per server in early access.

Smed originally announced the game earlier this year with a big reveal and Kickstarter, but he canceled that campaign midway through, reopening it yesterday as an Indiegogo with de facto preorders. The pixelart game is a sandboxy, open-world ARPG with decidedly MMORPG stylings, from story and languages to crafting and housing.

Stay tuned to Massively OP’s Stream Team later this week as we’ll be talking to Smed live for our readers and viewers.

Source: Indiegogo

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