Smed says Hero’s Song is in the home stretch after early stumbles


In a beefy update letter to the community on Reddit last night, Pixelmage Games CEO John Smedley talked about how far Hero’s Song has come since the title’s disappointing¬†initial showing during its aborted Kickstarter campaign early this year.

While admitting that the team “bit off more than [it] could chew” with its first crowdfunding campaign, Smedley said that the game has received $2.8M in investment and everything is more or less on track for a release early next year. “It’s coming along super well,” he said. “We are in full production now. We have the tools we need to finish the game.”

Smedley answered several questions that he’s seen pop up during the current Indiegogo campaign, including his stance on DRM (he hates it) and server specs (these aren’t nailed down quite yet). As of this morning, Hero’s Song has raised $45,000 out of its desired $200,000 flex goal from the community, which is creeping closer to¬†Smed’s making good on his promise:

Source: Reddit

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