The Crew goes free for a month

If you’ve been interested but holding off on trying out The Crew, Ubisoft’s cross-country racing MMO, then this might be the time to give it a go. Starting on September 14th, The Crew will be free for one month.

The catch? You have to be an Ubisoft Club member to access it. Fortunately, this won’t cost you anything, provided that you are OK dipping deeper into the Ubisoft ecosystem. The free offer will extend from September 14th through October 13th, after which the game will revert to its buy-to-play model.

The Crew’s second expansion, Calling All Units, will arrive on November 29th. As the name implies, players will get to choose to side with or against the law in illegal street racing.

Source: Polygon, Facebook. Thanks Amedeus!
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