MMO hybrid Crush Online has entered open beta


Back in June, we reported on on MMO/MOBA hybrid Crush Online — “a free-to-play PvP MMO with MOBA-style combat in a persistent world,” publisher GAMESinFLAMES claims. At the time, the game was headed into a series of closed betas, but as of this week, it’s in open beta:

“We decided to make the next phase already open for everybody. So no key is required anymore but we will do a Wipe after the Open Beta before we launch the game. As we skipped another Closed Beta you can play Crush via Steam now with the Launch version. The Launch will be in September as well.”

You’ll have to create an open beta account on the official site to hop in right now.┬áThe formal launch of the game is expected later this month, at which time the game will be playable on Steam.

Source: Steam. Thanks, Pashgan!
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