AdventureQuest 3D is launching into open beta in October

Jazzhands are happening

AdventureQuest 3D hasn’t been in closed beta testing for all that long, but the developers have decided that closed beta is boring and they’d rather be in open beta. Or the game is at a point where the developers are comfortable letting everyone into the game, anyhow. Because the game will be open to everyone once the title launches into open beta testing in October, letting players on Steam, iOS, and Android platforms play together and work as teams to venture into dungeons and fields for… well, adventure.

Early access giveaways will be happening through September for anyone who can’t wait until October to start playing the game. There are also plans for big new events in October to commemorate both the open beta launch and the anniversary of the previous AdventureQuest games launching in October. Get geared up on your device of choice for the launch in just a few weeks, and keep your eyes peeled for more news as the open test fast approaches.


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