ARK’s multi-seat fliers are due today in update 247


ARK: Survival Evolved players are no strangers to waiting for updates that keep getting pushed back, but those delays can be extra hard when waiting on some really cool creatures and features. Pushed back from last week, v247 is due to release today and bring with it the Tapejara (multi-passanger fliers that can also cling to walls), the Archaeopteryx (glider dinos that also harvest sap), night vision goggles, and dynamic-length bridges.

New stuff in game is always great, but performance updates are also much needed. This update includes a 30% to 40% rendering performance improvement of structures — sorely needed for those large builds — as well as memory reduction.

While survivors enjoy these new features, they can also be looking forward to procedurally generated ARKs, underwater dungeons, explorer notes, aquatic and amphibious creature mating, and more dinosaurs, structures, and gear in the future.

Source: Official site, Twitter; thanks to BabaGra for the tip!

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