Fan finishes up Blizzard’s Warcraft Adventures and releases it to the public


Video game history buffs know well that not every Blizzard project resulted in a launched game. Starcraft Ghost and Project Titan, anyone? Of particular interest to World of Warcraft fans is the cancelled 1998 title, Warcraft Adventures: Lord of the Clans.

This adventure game followed the story of Thrall (you may have heard of him) and featured quite a bit of animated cutscenes. While Blizzard provided the story and design, it had outsourced some of the work to Russian studio Animation Magic. The project was ultimately canned (and the story turned into the novel Warcraft: Lord of the Clans).

However, a fan project has been working on finishing up the game and getting it out to the public. “After 18 years of waiting, project Warcraft Adventures [that was] cancelled [by] Blizzard in 1998 year [is] finally released!” Russian fan Reidor posted. “This is [the] full pre-released version with in-game cinematics and interest .txt docs. This is my gift for all Blizzard fans, old and new.”

Obviously, this isn’t sanctioned by Blizzard in the least, and may be taken offline rather quickly, so if you’re curious about it, check it out sooner rather than later.


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