No need to upgrade your rig to play Smed’s Hero’s Song


Pixelmage Games boss John Smedley has issued another update for Hero’s Song Indiegogo watchers, who’ve pushed the game to $55,000 in crowdfunding thus far. Of note, he invites gamers to email him if they’re in San Diego and would like a personal preview of the game. “We’re always happy to have people swing by and show them the game as long as we know you’re coming,” he writes, vowing that class previews and crafting details are still on the way.

Smed also mentions that you’re probably not going to need to upgrade your rig for the pixelart sandbox OARPG.

“We aren’t ready to put [system specs] out yet, but we will once Alpha 3 is underway [in late October]. The simplest way to put it is – if it will play LoL or WoW it will play Hero’s Song. What we don’t have are the specific server performance stats and the simple reason for that is the game isn’t done and we’re still working on this.”

Hero’s Song was originally announced back in January, but Smed canceled the Kickstarter partway through and last week launched this Indiegogo with de facto preorders. The game is a sandboxy, open-world ARPG with decidedly MMORPG stylings, from story and languages to crafting and housing.

Source: Indiegogo

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