Our favorite costumes and cosplay of DragonCon 2016


It was literally impossible¬†to capture all the great costumes at DragonCon — almost as impossible is being able to accurately identify every single character; I know I missed a few. That said, there were plenty of Disney princesses, Wonder Women, Mad Hatters, and Evil Queens, not to mention a number of Suicide Squad Harleys and Jokers. There were Wolverines, Matt Murdocks, Rogues, and more Deadpools than you could shake a Stan Lee at! In fact, I am not sure there wasn’t a superhero that wasn’t represented. I even saw multiple Jubilees! My favorite, however, might just go to the Monster in the Darkness from Order of the Stick.

Comics didn’t corner the cosplay market, however. TV shows were pretty prevalent. There were so many Daenerys, mother of dragons, that you’d bump into them — and their dragons — on every block. (I give the best mother-of-dragons costume to one woman who was about eight months pregnant and dressed perfectly from the scene of eating the live horse heart — complete with a seriously smeared mouth!). There were Elves and Dwarves galore from Middle Earth, and even some specific characters from the movies. And you want to see armor? You’d be hard pressed to see so many metal suits in one place anywhere else. Then you have to start considering all the Star Wars, Star Trek, and anime and video game characters… The list is truly endless. There was even a Chewbacca hugging a Pikachu. And we captured a bunch of them!

One fan of the convention actually did a social experiment involving having folks adopt a PixelPal and taking pictures of it all over DragonCon. You can check out those adventures on the official DragonCon PixelPals Facebook page and see just a teeniy smattering of what walked the streets of downtown Atlanta that weekend in the costume gallery below. If you attended and have any great pictures, feel free to add them in the comments! Many thanks to all of the wonderful performers and party-goers who posed for us!


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